Urdu-Language Jihadi Content On YouTube – Statements, Poems, Nasheeds

September 27, 2012

In recent years, YouTube has increasingly been used as a repository for jihadi material in various languages. The following are examples of Urdu-language statements, poems, and nasheeds, or inspirational a capella religious songs, posted to the site; they advocate martyrdom operations, call for expelling the U.S. from Afghanistan, and incite Muslim youth to jihad in Afghanistan, Kashmir, and Palestine.

“Beatiful Urdu Nasheed, Jihad”


Following are excerpts from a song titled “Beautiful Urdu Nasheed, Jihad,” uploaded by “Naseem hamed.”[1]

“America Would Be Driven Away From The Streets Of Kabul”

“Now the sword of tawhid [faith in Islamic monotheism] will be taken up,

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