On Facebook, Twitter, And YouTube, Al-Qaeda’s Urdu Forum Promotes Jihad, Educates Pakistani Audiences About Al-Qaeda Activists In Middle East

By: Tufail Ahmad & Dr. Mirza A. B. Baig*

March 12, 2013


Using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Twitmail, Al-Qaeda’s Urdu-language internet forum Ansarullah Urdu is aiding terrorists by publishing jihadi material sourced from several languages such as Urdu, English, Pashtu, and Arabic. Most of its Facebook posts and tweets link to jihadi literature and videos on YouTube and its own internet forum, Bab-ul-Islam.net.

Its Facebook “About Us” claims that it was formed in order to: present facts instead of acting as interpreters of imperialist interests; reveal plots by those who use journalism for personal interest; reveal the true face of the corrupt and media organizations; report events based on local media near a particular event; and present analysis based on solid evidence rather than on the basis of false claims and conspiracy theories.

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