ISIS Hackers Take Over Popular Egyptian Radio Station’s Twitter page

May 13, 2015

On April 15, 2015, hackers affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) took over the Twitter page of the popular Egyptian music station Nugoum. The page,[i]which has more than 311,000 followers, remained under the hackers’ control for nearly seven hours, during which they flooded it with pro-ISIS tweets, propaganda videos and pamphlets, as well as links to official ISIS releases.

The hackers also used the page to post an exclusive photo of Shadi Al-Mani’i, an ISIS commander in Sinai, as proof that he is still alive despite Egyptian claims to the contrary. The posting of this photo indicates that the hackers are directly connected to ISIS operatives, and are not merely supporters of the organization.

In one tweet they wrote: “Today, o media of immorality and corruption, we infiltrated your forts in the virtual world. Tomorrow, God willing, we will do so in the real world…”