Faces Of Death: On Twitter, Jihadis Distribute Photos Of ‘Martyrs’

By: Steven Stalinsky*

February 22, 2013


Over the past few months, online jihadis have been posting daily on Twitter pictures of “martyrs” killed on jihadi fronts in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and elsewhere. These “martyrs” include prominent sheikhs, well-known writers on online jihadi forums, and ordinary fighters, from many different terrorist/jihadi organizations; they came from Middle East countries as well as from other countries, including some in the West.

These martyrdom tweets serve multiple purposes: publicizing the martyrs’ last wishes, celebrating their actions, informing the martyrs’ family and friends of their deaths, and especially inspiring others by portraying the martyrs as heroes who should be emulated.

The following is a sampling of martyrdom tweets, most from February 2013.

Warning – this report contains graphic images.

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