Prominent Writer on Jihadi Forum Outlines Program for Spreading Al-Qaeda Ideology in US by Infiltrating Forums and Facebook Pages, Hacking Websites

January 30, 2012

On January 10, 2012, a prominent writer on the jihadi forums who calls himself “Abu Hafs Al-Sunni Al-Sunni” (sic) posted an article outlining a program for spreading Al-Qaeda’s ideology in America, among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The strategy calls for Al-Qaeda supporters to disseminate materials on American forums and Facebook pages, and to hack American websites and plant threatening messages in them. Al-Sunni also lists the messages that would best serve the goal, in his opinion.

The article is the final installment in a seven-part series by Al-Sunni dealing with media strategy for jihad supporters on the internet. The first six parts discussed how to bring Al-Qaeda’s message to Muslims in general. In the present article, Al-Sunni focuses on Americans and American Muslims. He argues that the latter, especially recent converts to Islam, are relatively easy targets for the Al-Qaeda message, and that, once won over, they could carry out operations in the US, similar to those of Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hassan and the Christmas Day bomber, ‘Omar Farouq Abdulmutallab.

The following are excerpts from the article:

“We have arrived at the final part of our series, which will be different from the previous parts, as it discusses how to attack the infidels with Al-Qaeda’s ideology, principles and creed.

“The mujahideen‘s war against the military machine of the infidel Americans and the arrogant Crusaders clearly reveals the degree of hatred that these Crusaders harbor for the Muslims, both Al-Qaeda [members] and others, since the goal of their war is [to fight] Islam, not [to fight] terrorism, as they portray it to the Muslims. We must have a response to this war [being waged against us], be it a military [response] or a media and ideological [response].

“Given that America has used numerous means in fighting us, focusing heavily on media [warfare]… we must understand how it fought us and what means it used, in order to understand what countermeasures will enable us to fight back on the media front…

“The Pillars of America’s war on jihad and Islam”

“The Islamic ummah must raid the other side just as it raids us, and must inform the [Western] peoples about the evil [nature] of their governments, just as [our enemies] plant in the minds of our peoples a hatred of jihad by calling it terrorism and portraying it as a threat. The American media policy has seen some success in brainwashing some Muslims. However, the truth cannot be hidden by the infidel media that overpowers weak and simple minds by employing an evil and depraved policy seeking to distort truth by overturning the political power-balance. [Their] media employs the method of injecting their ideas into Arab society, directly and indirectly…

“The method of infiltrating the American media

“Infiltrating the American media is not hard or impossible; it is a task just like any other ideological task, which requires resolution and a burning [conviction in one’s] ideology. The American media is [already] reeling from the attacks and outrages forced upon it by the jihad [fighters] and the sons of Islam… It has become easy to infiltrate the American media and shake the people’s trust in it…

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