Pakistani Cyber Armies Hacking Indian Websites, Using Twitter, Facebook And YouTube To Cause Ethnic Conflicts In India

By: Tufail Ahmad*

September 6, 2012

Table of Contents

I. Pakistani Cyber Armies Using Social Media
a) Use Of Facebook By Pak Cyber Pyrates
b) Use Of Facebook And Twitter By Pakistan Cyber Army
c) Use Of Facebook And Twitter By Pakistan Cyber Force
d) Use Of YouTube By Muslim Liberation Army And Others
e) – Behind The Ethnic Exodus From Indian Cities?
II. Major Attacks On Indian Websites By Pakistani Hackers
III. War Between Pakistani And Indian Hacker Groups
IV. Use Of Social Media To Cause Ethnic Conflicts In India


In recent years, a number of Pakistani hacker groups have come to the notice of the Indian government for their continuing attacks on Indian websites, and, most recently, for their role in using social media networks to trigger a mass exodus from major Indian cities by people of northeastern Indian ethnic origin. India has expressed concern that the use of social networking websites by Pakistani groups could trigger ethnic conflicts in India. This paper will examine some key Pakistani cyber groups and the nature of their anti-India activities in recent years, revealing also how their motives are underpinned by antisemitism and by a sense of global Islamism.

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