Western ISIS Supporter Uses Utah Web Hosting Company For His Pro-ISIS Website

July 14, 2017

On July 10, 2017, an ISIS supporter who operates and administers a Telegram channel called promoted his pro-ISIS website on his channel. The website’s About page reads: “Our mission is to spread Islam throughout the world and to bring the world to the light of Islam.” The administrator noted that his website is still a work in progress and described his plans to expand the offerings on the site, which currently has five videos. One video is a lecture by the extremist cleric Ahmad Musa Jibril. The most recent video added to the website, titled “Prelude to Malhamah [Armageddon],” includes an excerpt from the late ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-‘Adnani’s message “Your Lord Is Ever Watchful,” in which he calls upon Muslims to kill Westerners by any means possible. The website is hosted by Fibernet Corporation, an Internet service provider based in Utah. A BulletMail address was provided under the contact information listed on the website. BulletMail is a Romania-based secure email provider that boasts military-grade encryption.

Web Hosting Information

The  website is hosted by Fibernet Corporation in Orem, Utah.

Promotion Of Website On Telegram Channel

On July 10, the website administrator posted on his Telegram channel: “Now my website is back, this time. And I am also working on my Islamic Library project (to create a large collection of Authentic Islamic Ebooks)… Brothers and sisters, if my Telegram channel ever gets deleted again, simply go to my website at www.call2deen.5gbfree.com and click the contact menu at the top to access the link to new tele channels.”

Voice of Voiceless Mujahideen Telegram channel.

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