Warnings About Fake ISIS Apps ‘Aimed At Infiltration’ Circulated On Telegram

June 1, 2016

On June 1, 2016, the Caliphate Cyber Army group on Telegram posted a notice stating that fake versions of the ISIS Al-Bayan Radio, Amaq Agency, and other apps were being “distributed online, with the distributor claiming availability in several languages.”

The notice went on to warn, “This is clearly aimed at infiltration. We advise all supporters of the Khilafa to rely on official channels to download these apps, as well as to verify the checksums before use.”


The same day, “Amriki Muhajer” also posted on Telegram, “Warning: Dubious sources published a fake version of the Amaq Agency Android app, aimed at breaching security and spying. We advise to avoid downloading any app, except via the official Amaq channels and recommend to verify with the officially published checksums before installation.”


Kalachnikv E-security team also forwarded, on Telegram, a post from Amaq Agency stating the same thing as above, in English and Arabic.


Sources: Telegram, June 1, 2016.