WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – ISIS Beheadings And Executions Becoming More Popular On Telegram

October 10, 2016

Since Twitter began efforts to remove more content by ISIS, including beheadings and other material,[1] pro-ISIS elements have increasingly been using Telegram to disseminate such content. For example, the Telegram channel “Adem news 6,” which has 1,689 members and has shared 46,696 images, featured gruesome photos of a beheading in Raqqa Province in Syria on October 6, 2016, which can be seen below. This is yet another example of pro-ISIS elements circulating graphic beheading photos on Telegram.




[1] For more information on Twitter’s initial removal of jihadi content, see MEMRI CJL Twitter, Once Jihadis’ No. 1 Social Media Platform, Attempting – For Now – To Purge Jihadi Content, February 25, 2016