Two Weeks After MEMRI CJL Reported Twitter Account Of FBI ‘Most Wanted’ Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi – Using Steps Set Out By The Platform For Reporting Violations Of Its Rules – She Is Still Tweeting – UPDATE: Account Suspended One Week After Publication Of This Report

April 7, 2017

Three weeks ago, on March 16, 2017, MEMRI discovered that Hamas terrorist Ahlam Tamimi, facilitator of the deadly August 2001 Sbarro pizzeria bombing in Jerusalem who on March 14, 2017 was placed on the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists list and is being charged by the U.S. Department of Justice with conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction against U.S. nationals outside the U.S. resulting in death, has been active on Twitter (@dreamsnnn) since October 2013.[1] At the time of this writing, she has tweeted 1,252 times from her Twitter account, is following 392, and has 6,451 followers and 4,000 likes. She also has posted 351 photos and videos.

In numerous interviews, Tamimi has described in detail her activity as part of a Hamas cell as well as terror attacks that she facilitated and carried out.[2]

Tamimi’s Twitter page 

Two weeks ago, the MEMRI Cyber and Jihad Lab (CJL) reported Tamimi’s Twitter account to Twitter, following steps that allowed it to report the account and explain specifically the reasons why.

UPDATE: One week after this report was published, Tamimi’s account was suspended by Twitter.

The following are the steps the CJL took to file a specific report against Tamimi’s Twitter account:

On Menu In Upper Right, Open Drop-Down Menu And Select “Report”

Next to the “Follow” option on the right under the account’s main image, click on the drop-down menu and then select “Report @dreamsnnn.”

Click On “Learn More About Reporting Violations Of Our Rules”

Clicking on “Report @dreamsnnn” brings the user to a window with a list of options for reporting as well as an option to “Learn more about reporting violations of our rules.” Click on this “Learn More” link.

Under “How To Report Specific Types Of Violations” List, Find “Abusive Behavior And Violent Threats” And Click On “Here”

The previous action will bring the user to a section in Twitter’s “Help” titled “How to report specific types of violations. On the “Abusive behavior and violent threats” bullet point, click on “here.”

Under “Someone On Twitter Is Engaging In Abusive Or Harassing Behavior” Fill Out Requested Fields

Under “What are you reporting, the user can select “Directs hate against a race, gender, religion or orientation.” Under “These actions are…” the user can select “Directed against a group.” The user is then asked to provide the username of the account being reported, and to “Please provide specific Tweets as evidence of this issue.”

Reporting Specific Tweets, Further Describing The Problem, And Providing Information About Who Is Reporting

The user then arrives at a window where the specific tweets can be entered, along with a description of why the account is being reported, and identification information of who is reporting, in this case MEMRI Executive Director Steven Stalinsky. Then the report may be submitted.


After submitting the report, Twitter confirms the submission with “Thank you for your report.”

Several Days Later: Twitter Notification: “Thank You” And “If We Take Further Action, We’ll Let You Know”

Several days after the report is submitted, Twitter sends a report stating, “If we take further action, we’ll let you know.”


[1] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6831, Currently Tweeting: Terrorist Ahlam Al-Tamimi – Just Added To FBI Most Wanted List For Involvement In Deadly 2001 Jerusalem Bombing – Shares Photos Of Bombing She Facilitated, Lauds Hamas Leaders And Martyrs, Promotes Her TV Show, March 16, 2017; MEMRI Special Announcement No. 527, U.S. Justice Department Announces Charges Against Hamas Terrorist In Connection With 2001 Jerusalem Bombing – From The MEMRI TV Archives: Interviews With Ahlam Tamimi – ‘Everybody Was Congratulating One Another… Everyone Was Happy’; ‘I Would Do It Again Today’, March 15, 2017.

[2] See MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6837, From The MEMRI TV Archives: Ahlam Tamimi, Recently Designated An FBI Most Wanted Terrorist, Recounts Her Role In Hamas Terror Attacks In Jerusalem In Early 2000s; March 21, 2017; MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 6842, Palestinian-Jordanian Terrorist Ahlam Al-Tamimi To Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Mouthpiece: ‘As Long As The Zionists Remain On Our Land, The Jihad Must Continue’, March 23, 2017.