Twitter’s ‘Periscope’ Video-Streaming App – The Latest App To Be Embraced By Jihadi Fighters And Supporters

February 4, 2016

Periscope, the Twitter-owned live-video streaming app for smartphones, appears to have gained some traction among jihadi fighters in Syria, as well as among jihadi supporters in the West – further demonstrating the adaptability of tech-savvy Islamic State (ISIS) supporters, as social media applications and platforms that they use increasingly suspend jihadi acccounts.  While most of the jihadis using Periscope do not say where they are from or where they are located, several fighters, among them the American ISIS fighter and a Dutch Free Syrian Army fighter featured in this report do provide details about themselves. The San Francisco-based Periscope app was founded by Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein in early 2014; Twitter acquired it in 2015

On February 2, 2016 an ISIS supporter called Umm Laith Al-Dhahriyia posted on Facebook, “The Periscope app is very cool. I wonder when IS Dawlah will start using it.”

Another ISIS supporter called UmHamza on Twitter has advertised the fact that she uses Periscope.

Screenshot of UmHamza’s Twitter account

An American called Farooq Basha, who appears to be residing in the Islamic State, has a Periscope account; his byline reads: “Amriki in the blessed land of Khilafa alhamdulilah.”

The byline of an ISIS supporter called Abu Saalihah reads: “Then there will be Khilafah upon the Methodology of Prophethood.”

A search for “Islamic State” on Periscope turns up a number of ISIS-affiliated accounts:

Another user called Abu Baker Al-Amriki’s handle is, “@JihadiAlAmriki.”

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