On Twitter, Jihadis Explain How Pro-ISIS Isdarat.tv Uses ‘Cloud Technology’ To Remain Active

September 4, 2015

On August 31, 2015, pro-ISIS elements on Twitter discussed Isdarat.tv, the pro-ISIS website that hosts ISIS videos, and why it is superior to YouTube. They said that following its release of a video on “the return of the gold dinar,” Isdarat.tv is being “increasingly visited by the disbelievers.” They also explained how Isdarat.tv maintains a consistent online presence: it “uses cloud technology” so that “when isdarat is deleted it pops up in a other server and it will keep on working.” “It’s like having ‘back-up’ websites on dozens [of] computers so when 1 gets deleted the other will be activated,” they wrote (for more on Isdarat.tv see Isdarat.tv: ISIS’s Answer To YouTube).


Source: @AbuNaseeha5, August 31, 2015.