Turkish ISIS Fighter On Instagram Soliciting Donations Of Computers, Cameras, Funds For ISIS Fighters, Selling Cars From The Islamic State

June 16, 2017

An Instagram account is run by an individual who says he a fighter in the Islamic State; his name indicates that he is Turkish.  He posts in Turkish, English, and Dutch. In one post, he distributed advice on how ISIS supporters living in the West  can raise money to donate to Syria. He suggested that following an attack in the West, enterprising individuals should go door to door and claim that they are collecting aid for the victims of the attack, when in reality they plan to send the funds raised to ISIS in Syria. In another post, he asked followers to send computers and cameras to fighters in the Islamic State. He himself is selling vehicles in the Islamic State; one post includes nine photos of cars that are for sale.

Instagram profile

On June 12, 2017, he posted an image that reads, “The best way to collect free money for brothers/sisters in need, or to send to Shaam [Syria].”

He wrote: “Esselamu Aleykum. I’m going to tell you how you can get free money from Kuffar [infidels] and Mushriqeen [polytheists] for brothers/sisters in need or to send to Shaam.

“First of all; wait untill someone attacks Europe. As example: London. Go to doors and tell people that you are collecting money for the victims of the attack. It is better if you knock the doors in Appartments. From 1 appartment, you can get at least 300 Euro/Dollar. It is also better if you knock the doors of Musriqeen , because they are giving more money then Kuffar. To make it look like real you can also use Microsoft Word and place the logo of an organisation and typing a short text on it. It is Dar Al Harb [Land of War] for you in the lands of Kuffar, so scam them. You’re not lying, because you’re collecting money for victims. A Muslim brother/sister who has no money is a victim of Kufr system. You are collecting money for the attack. That what happens in Iraq and Shaam is also an attack.”

In another post on June 12, he appealed to followers to donate electronics. The fighter posted a photo showing a MacBook laptop, a Canon camera, and a Go-Pro camera, and wrote: “The Mujahideen needs things like this. So if you’re able to send it and u use somethings not anymore, send it to Shaam!”

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