Syrian Fighters Use Sony PlayStation Controller Attached To Machine Gun To Shoot Army Soldiers

September 20, 2016

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Footage posted on Youtube and Snapchat on September 13 shows the use of a Sony PlayStation II controller by Syrian rebel fighters. The controller is attached to a DShK machine gun and used by the fighters to shoot at army soldiers.

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Syrian Rebel 1: “The camera is on the rooftop with the DShK machine gun. This is the controller, and this is the camera. This is the DShk machine gun. It’s on the rooftop, and here you have the controller. It’s a PlayStation controller. Now we are zooming in. The army is moving through that street. Let’s make the image more focused. There we have the first soldier. Where’s the soldier? Where is he? There he is…”

Syrian Rebel 2: “He’s too far…”

Syrian Rebel 1: “He is too far away. You see?”

Syrian Rebel 2: “Take it to the left. To the left!”

Syrian Rebel 1: “To the left?”

Syrian Rebel 2: “But that’s not a soldier. A civilian…”

Syrian Rebel 1: “It was in the air?”

Syrian Rebel 2: “Yes, in the air.”


Syrian Rebel 1: “The PlayStation controls the DShK, the camera, the shooting, and movements to the right or the left, up or down. This is the zoom. It can zoom in or out. Here you move to the right or to the left. These buttons, which form the shape of an X or a circle, move the DShK above or below the sandbag. It moves it up and down. This is the safety catch…”

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