Pro-Jabhat Fath-Al Sham Media Group Showcases Kurdish, Tajik, Syrian Fighters On Facebook, Twitter, Telegram

October 19, 2016

The pro-Jabhat Fath-Al Sham (JFS) media group Fursan Al Sham Media, which was launched in September 2016, disseminates its content on Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. The group mainly eulogizes fighters, giving details on their backgrounds and on the battles in which they fought and also shares stories of current fighters. The group’s Twitter description reads: “Media outlet based in Syria run by Muhajireen [i.e. foreign fighters].” Fursan Al Sham directs its Telegram followers to contact it via its Facebook page if they have any questions about Syria.


Contacting Fursan Al Sham

On its Telegram account, the group notes: “If you have any questions to ask regarding Syria sent it to us on Facebook and we will gladly answer it here.”


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