Pro-ISIS Twitter Accounts, Telegram Channels Disseminate Technical Tips, Legal Advice

December 15, 2015

On December 12, 2015, a graphic image titled “Your Security on Twitter” was circulated by ISIS supporters on Twitter and Telegram. The collection of tips, which appear to have been compiled by two prominent figures on the ISIS social media scene, Abu Huthayfa al-Bakistani and “Asfura,” aka “Radical Girl,” mostly advise followers on precautions to take online. The last one, however, provides legal advice for anyone facing prosecution, and explains that in case of need, they should contact Radical Girl.

The graphic reads:

“1.   It’s not permissible for you to enter Twitter without VPN or TOR

“2.   Better to enter from Desktop to create a double layer of encryption.

“3.   If you have a web cam facing you, seal it.

“4.   If you are in the west, hint in your profile that you’re in the east and vice versa.

“5.   Do not talk about personal matter in DM [direct message] or your whereabouts or name etc. Even with a mujahid cos a third eye may be reading.

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