Pro-ISIS Telegram Suggests Android Apps Offering Anonymity, Security

November 29, 2016

The pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram group Jihad Android, created November 25, 2016, recommends apps which will help maintain users’ security, for example, by avoiding detection from authorities on various social media platforms. As of November 25, the Telegram group had 155 members. It should be noted that this Telegram group was deleted and resurfaced on November 27, under a new name, Android Vault.

One example of an app that Jihad Android recommends, called Talk 2, generates a mobile number which, the group notes, can be used to open accounts on platforms such as Twitter and Telegram.

A post stating the group’s aims reads: “My dear brothers, this channel was created to support those who seek to follow the path of Allah and seek guidance. The applications within were selected with your safety in mind to protect our brothers from the efforts of the crusaders who are determined to bring us harm. We strongly feel that the kuffar [infidels] will seek to delete our channel and halt our efforts to protect our brothers and sisters. This is why we ask you to spread these applications far and wide so that others may seek their benefit and protection inshallah. When you share knowledge that you find you not only better yourself but you help to keep our ummah strong and defiant in the face of the nonbelievers. Share, spread and help your fellow brothers and Allah will see your good deed and reward you for them.”

This report presents examples of posts on the channel suggesting apps.

Jihad Android Telegram channel

Talk 2

“Talk2 allows you to own a Philippine mobile number for free. This application provides secondary phone numbers that work with other applications such as Telegram and Twitter.”


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