Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Forwards United Cyber Caliphate Instructions on VPN

April 28, 2016


On April 28, 2016, the pro-ISIS Telegram channel Online Dawah Operations forwarded a post from United Cyber Caliphate regarding the use of Virtual Private Networks (VPN). It should be mentioned that the channel of the pro-ISIS hacking group United Cyber Caliphate has recently become private.

The post explains that VPN encrypts user data while on the internet and prevents service providers and governments from tracing user activity. It notes that not all VPNs are as secure of private as their companies claim and that some of them log user data, and advises against using such services.

The VPN providers recommended in the post include F-Secure Freedome, Nord VPN, Torguard, PRQ VPN, Private Internet Access, Hidemy, and Orbot. Services to avoid include Hotspot Shield, Strong VPN, Avast Secure Link, and WI topia VPN.

Source: Online Dawah Operations Telegram channel, April 28, 2016.