Pro-ISIS Telegram Channel Announces A ‘Cyber Kahilafah’ Member Killed By Shi’ite Militias

October 5, 2016


Cyber Kahilafah is a pro-ISIS hacking group active on Telegram since November 25, 2015. The group has used its Telegram channel to share information on how to circumvent online surveillance, as well as a link to reportedly hacked NASA data, among other things. A Pro-ISIS Telegram channel operating out of Libya has announced that a member of “Cyber Kahilafah” was killed by “Shi’ite Militias.”

For more information, see MEMRI CJL: Jihadi Hacking Group Cyber Kahilafah Uses Telegram to Inform Pro-ISIS Followers of Private Communication and Impeding Cyber Attack; Highlights Use of Online Information Sharing Platforms, April 4, 2016.