Pro-ISIS Media Group Lampoons What It Calls Failure Of Western Media War On Islamic State

May 12, 2017


On May 10, 2017, Yaqeen Media, a pro-ISIS (Islamic State) media group, released an infographic on its Telegram channel titled “The Failure of the Media War on the Islamic State.” The infographic includes statistics and quotes, which it attributes to Foreign Affairs magazine and the Associated Press, to buttress its claims that the Islamic State is winning the media war despite its limited resources.

The infographic states: “40 intelligence offices fighting the Islamic State on different online websites,” “4,000,000 accounts have been deleted on social media websites so far,” and “1,000,000,000 dollars has [sic] been spent on the media war [against ISIS] so far.”

 It then states: “Islamic State media is spread in more than 40 languages today”; “More than 35 new releases every day for the Islamic State and its supporters such as photo reports and others“; “Islamic State media releases is [sic] spread in all main famous websites such as Twitter and Facebook”; “Nearly 18,425 posts related to the Islamic State are written each day on social media sites”;” and “More than 1,000 new accounts are made by Islamic State supporters each day on Twitter.”

The infographic lists four types of “online fighting”: “Spreading spies and teams, media campaigns, arresting supporters, and creating specialized centers.”

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