Pro-ISIS Engineers And Scientists Collaborate On Military Projects In Telegram Channel: Part Two

July 25, 2016

On February 20, 2016, a Telegram channel called Islamic State Scientists & Engineers was created. Its administrator stressed that members of the group must have a BSc in a scientific or mathematical field such as chemistry, or aeronautics. The MEMRI JTTM published a report on this group in March 2016.  When it was created, the group’s administrator stated that the channel’s goals included “exploit some channel members situation to do research for the military benefit of the caliphate” and “collect as much caliphate scientist & engineers as possible from around the world & introduce them to each other.” Members on the channel share helpful files, and videos, and ask one another questions. This report is a follow-up to the first, and it aims to show more of the collaborative efforts undertaken by individuals on the channel to build equipment for military purposes for the Islamic State (ISIS). Individuals with varying professional scientific backgrounds select a project for which their abilities are best suited, and then privately message one another on Telegram to exchange information and work together. Occasionally, status updates are provided to the group administrator. Two topics discussed at length in the group have been the manufacture of Tomahawk turbofan engines and GPS-guided missiles. One particular detailed exchange regarding CAD designs appeared to better the understanding of numerous group members. The group was fairly active, however, it currently seems that the group is now defunct. 

Following are examples from the content posted recently on the group:

Required Qualifications For Members

On April 17, the group’s administrator wrote: “To join this channel, you must be a muslim engineer, scientist, machinest, or metal worker & you choose to work on one of the projects below & gain knowledge on how to completely achieve them using civilian resources.


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