Pro-ISIS Caliphate Cyber Army Links To New ‘OPSEC IT’ Telegram Channel

September 22, 2016


On September 18, 2016, the Telegram channel for the pro-ISIS hacking group Caliphate Cyber Army (CCA) circulated a link to a new Telegram channel for operational security in the realm of information technology. Named “OPSEC IT,” the channel is intended “to train [supporters] to use the basic security precautions that need to be taken while online,” including “what apps to use and how to use and tutorials on Tor, PGP, Tails OS, Bit Message [sic] and a few other advanced softwares [sic] as well.”

As of September 20, 2016, content posted in the OPSEC IT channel includes a recently distributed guide on how to use the encrypted messaging app ChatSecure.


Source: Caliphate Cyber Army Telegram Channel, September 18, 2016; OPSEC IT Telegram Channel, September 20, 2016