Poster By Campaign On Telegram For Funding Jihad In ‎Gaza Shows Allocation Of Funds Received

June 22, 2017

On June 21, 2017, the Jahezona (“Equip Us”) campaign, an ongoing fundraising campaign to support the mujahideen and jihad in Gaza, shared a poster on its Telegram channel showing the allocation of donations received so far.

The poster highlights some of the projects that are being funded, at least partially, by the money sent to the campaign organizers, including: “jihadi operations” (i.e. terror attacks); equipping the mujahideen with weapons and other necessary items; weapons development and manufacturing; military and other types of training; and support for the families of “martyrs” and prisoners.

This poster, like previous posters released by the campaign, includes the handle for contacting the campaign on Telegram, and the Arabic hashtag “And [participate in] jihad with your money.”

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