On Tumblr, American Communicates With Dutch ISIS Fighter In Syria – Who Says He Met ISIS Fighter From NY

July 1, 2015

Israfil Yilmaz, a Dutch ISIS fighter in Syria, frequently fields questions on his Tumblr blog. The fighter was once hugely popular on Twitter and had a large fan base; however, he stopped using the platform following multiple suspensions. A former critic of ISIS, Yilmaz fought together with other groups before joining ISIS, which he did recently.

On June 30, 2015, an American interested in joining ISIS wrote to Yilmaz on his Tumblr account asking for advice. Yilmaz responded and also mentioned that he recently met an ISIS fighter from New York.

On June 30,  a reader wrote to Yilmaz on Tumblr: “I am American and I want to hijra [emigrate to Islamic land] to Syria but I am scared of getting caught. What is your advice to me? Please make dua [pray] for me to make hijra to Syria and to die as shahid [martyr].”

Yilmaz responded, “American you say? I met a beautiful new brother from New York just the other day. Just be your normal self, don’t stress it. Plan in secrecy, don’t tell anyone anything – and just wait for the right moment to make your move (try avoiding direct routes).”


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