On Its Telegram Account, Hamas’s Al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades Stresses Jihad And Martyrdom

March 29, 2016

In November 2015, the ‘Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades, which is the military wing of the Gaza-based Hamas jihadi movement, opened a channel on the encrypted messaging app Telegram, which it uses to share photos, detail its exploits – battles, military parades, and terror attacks – and disseminate anti-Israel propaganda.


As of March 28, 2016, the account had 4,208 followers and had shared 567 photos, 1 video, 14 files, and 156 links.

This post reads “#Al_Qassam_Brigades #Jerusalem_Intifada #Hamas #Jerusalem #Palestine” and promotes the Al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades Telegram account.

This post reads “Al_Qassam_Brigades” and shows fighters in amphibious training

More amphibious training for fighters

Al-Qassam Martyrs Brigades fighters

“For the sake of Allah, we have chosen jihad. #Al_Qassam_Brigades”

“Approaching in the coming hours. #Al_Qassam_Brigades”

“Picture of the knife which was used in the stabbing of an ‘Israeli’ soldier in the village of Auja in Al-Aghwar area by a Palestinian girl who was arrested this morning.”

O Black-eyed virgins of eternity; A Martyr has came to you; Spread flowers on the ground; Give him happiness. Martyr, Muhammad Musa al-Astal. Men of the Tunnels”

This poster memorializes Bashar Muhammad Masalha, a “the jihadist martyr” in the “ongoing intifada.”

“Picture of the weapons that were in the possession of the two martyrs who carried out the shooting in the city of Jerusalem this morning.”

This picture memorializes “the martyred field commander.”

“Picture of the memorial service for the martyr/Abd Al-Salam Al-Batniji

“#Picture of a fire that broke out in a bus carrying more than 40 Zionist soldiers close to the settlement of Beit Horon that is built on the lands of the Beit Nuba village, this evening. #Jerusalem_Intifada”

“#Shale_Stones[1]: The Al-Qassam operation in ‘Tel-Aviv’. #Al_Qassam_Brigades”

“#Shale_Stones #Al_Qassam_Brigades detonating a remote-controlled explosive device inside bus number (142), which belongs to the Zionist [transportation] company Dan, wounding 29.”

“Bus 142 detonated by #Al_Qassam_Brigade during the battle of #Shale_Stones and it was a powerful message which shook the Zionist entity.”

Al_Qassam_Memory. December 2, 2001. Al-Qassam mujahideen detonated an explosive device on a bus on Al-Ghour Al-Fari’ah road in Jericho. The enemy announced that 10 were killed and seven were wounded.”[2]

“Zionist bus on fire Monday evening after it was targeted with a firebomb near Adora settlement in occupied Hebron. #Jerusalem_Intifada”

Post in memory of the late leading Hamas bomb maker “#Yahya_Ayyash,” featuring images from various Hamas suicide bombings


[1] A Reference to Koran 15:74.

[2] The photo in this post is of the aftermath of the June 11, 2003 suicide bombing on the No. 14 bus in Jerusalem, that killed 17 and wounded over 100. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack. The December 2, 2001 suicide bombing was on the No. 16 bus in Haifa, which killed 15; Hamas claimed responsibility for this attack as well.