Mosul-Based Anti-ISIS Group Warns Against Using Viber, Recommends Telegram

February 12, 2016


On February 11, 2016, the Mosul-based anti-ISIS group Mosul Eye, which documents life in Mosul under ISIS rule, posted a message on its Facebook page in English and Arabic advising Mosul residents to avoid using the communication app Viber, as it stores a user’s communication history. The group instead recommended using Telegram. The message reads:


“We urge our dear Mosulis to refrain immediately from using Viber as a mean of communication and completely remove it from your devices as it creates an archive of your correspondence and could be easily retrieved. Please refrain immediately from using Viber and never use it under any circumstances for your own safety. We advise you to use Telegram instead because it is secured and does not store any archives of your communication.”

For more on Mosul Eye, see MEMRI JTTM Report, A Year After Mosul’s Fall, Local Activists Show Glimpses Of Life Under ISIS Rule, July 31, 2015.

Source: Mosul Eye Facebook page, February 11, 2015.