MEMRI JTTM: On Instagram, British ISIS Fighter Showcases His Photographic Skills – And Attempts To Recruit

May 9, 2016

A British ISIS fighter residing in Raqqa, Syria, the de-facto capital of the Islamic State, regularly shares stylized photos via Instagram. He identifies himself as “Britani Kashmiri,” likely meaning that he is of Pakistani origin. His Instagram byline reads: “There’s a code amongst guys that shook Baghdadi’s hand.” In his posts, he often includes hashtags such as “Dawla” (“ISIS”) and others so that his account can easily be found by those seeking such content. He is not the only fighter who shares images via his social media accounts, but he appears to take his photography more seriously. For example, he specifies in his byline that he uses a Sony Z3 20.7 MP camera. His photos go beyond the battlefield to capture leisure pursuits in the Islamic State. He also stylizes his photos with various filters, and interacts with followers via comments on his Instagram, occasionally calling for Westerners to join the Islamic State.


On a number of occasions, the day before posting a video, state.side.akh posts images informing readers that more content is on the way. For example,  for one image that said “coming soon,” he wrote: “TARGET PRACTICE. Video coming soon! Inshallah. Note:this video was made over a year ago, hence why you will see mee shooting like a n00b.”


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