Main French Jihadi Forum Taken Down

January 13, 2015

The main jihadi forum in French, Ansar Al-Haqq, which has been  active for several years[1] and was recently under the administration of Islamic State (ISIS) French-speaking jihadi fighters,[2] has been taken down and likely hacked following the terrorist attacks in Paris in the second week of January 2015.

Homepage of the Ansar al-Haqq French Islamist forum

The forum was known to host news and discussions, and served as a platform for distribution and expression for the French-speaking jihadi community.[3]

Its domain name is registered in Saint-Denis, in the northern suburbs of Paris.

The hacking of the forum was claimed on January 10 on Twitter by a group allegedly affiliated to the hacker community Anonymous (@OpCharlieHebdo). They threatened jihadi websites of retalion immediatly after the Charlie Hebdo attack, stating that they are fighting for freedom of speech.

Screenshot of the twitter account claiming responsibility for taking down the Ansar Al Haqq forum. 


[1] See MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 657, Islamist Websites in Europe – A General Review Part 2: Sites and Forums in French, January 24, 2011.