Jihadist Use Of Sendvid For Content Dissemination On Social Media

July 14, 2015

Sendvid.com is an online media platform that enables users to immediately upload content without having to create an account, and also excludes the comment section feature used by other video sharing sites such as YouTube. The founders of the website saw this format as a way to quickly upload videos while eliminating the need to publicize the makers of the content.[1] Sendvid’s homepage allows for any person to immediately upload video content through the “upload” button, and all videos are private unless one shares a link to them.


Jihadist groups including ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra, the Syrian Al-Qaeda affiliate, began using the site due to its convenient platform, which doesn’t require membership qualifications or accountability. The earliest use of this website by terrorists dates back to January of 2015. In addition to terrorist use of the platform for quick and easy dissemination of propaganda, those sympathetic to jihadi messages have used social media platforms including Twitter to share links to Sendvid, rapidly expanding the audience for these videos.

Following are several examples of jihadi sympathizers sharing Sendvid links on social media:

Posts Supporting ISIS

ISIS sympathizer shares a Sendvid link that shows a graphic battle in Kirkuk, Iraq (April 29, 2015)

ISIS sympathizer shares a video on the newly-declared province of West Africa (June 2, 2015)

Twitter account promoting ISIS propaganda shares Sendvid link showcasing IED use in southern Iraq (June 4, 2015)

ISIS sympathizer shares Sendvid link to an ISIS video (June 9, 2015)

An ISIS supporter tweets Sendvid video showing an ISIS offensive near Damascus. (June 17, 2015)

Jihadi Twitter account shares a Sendvid link showing ISIS militants fighting the Libyan army (June 20, 2015)

An ISIS supporter tweets Sendvid links to videos of battles across ISIS-held territories. (June 20, 2015)

ISIS supporter shares a Sendvid video dispelling “media propaganda” against ISIS. (June 20, 2015)

ISIS supporter shares Sendvid video about an ISIS offensive in Sana’a, Yemen. (June 21, 2015)

ISIS sympathizer shares Sendvid link to video of a battle near Tikrit (June 21, 2015)

ISIS sympathizer shares Sendvid link to ISIS propaganda videos (June 23, 2015)

ISIS sympathizer shares Sendvid link to a video showing ISIS collecting Zakat (June 23, 2015)

ISIS Turkish propaganda video “The Path of Jihad,” shared via Sendvid on Twitter (June 24, 2015)

Sendvid link showing the military operations of ISIS in West Africa (formerly Boko Haram) is shared by an ISIS sympathizer (June 24, 2015)

The graphic execution video “If You Return, We Return” is shared by an ISIS sympathizer on Twitter (June 26, 2015)

ISIS supporter shares Sendvid video showing the beheading of “spies” by the Euphrates River. (June 30, 2015)

Posts Supporting Jabhat Al-Nusra

Jabhat Al-Nusra supporter shares Sendvid video of a public execution. (June 11, 2015)

Jabhat Al-Nusra supporter tweets Sendvid lecture by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) leaders (June 19, 2015)

The “Jabhat al-Nusra Correspondents” Twitter account shared a Sendvid link to a video lecture about Ramadan (June 21, 2015)

Jabhat Al-Nusra Correspondents’ Twitter account posts link to a Sendvid video of JN’s leader Abu Muhammad Al-‘Adnani (June 23, 2015)

The Jabhat Al-Nusra Correspondents’ Twitter account shares a Sendvid link showing aspects of JN’s da’wa efforts in areas it controls (June 26, 2015)

Jabhat Al-Nusra’s Al-Manara Network tweets Sendvid video of JN leader Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani commemorating the death of AQAP’s leader Nasser Al-Wuhayshi (June 26, 2015)

The Jabhat Al-Nusra Correspondents Facebook page shares a Sendvid link of Al-Joulani’s commemoration of Al-Wuhayshi (June 27, 2015)


[1] Steamfeed.com, January 13, 2015.