Jihadis Discuss Need For Islamic State (ISIS) News App, Develop Prototypes – Including For Android

January 28, 2015

Recently, jihadis on the Jihadi Media Platform forum (alplatformmedia.com) began discussing the need for an app to deliver news about the Islamic State (ISIS) to its followers. Such an app would, according to one jihadi, take pressure off the people who publish ISIS news on social media by making it readily available on jihadis’ devices. Although the idea was welcomed, and although there has been several attempts to develop such an app, many jihadis expressed reservations about it, particularly because of the risk that its users could be tracked and exposed by ISIS’s enemies.

The idea for such an app came a couple of weeks ago after forum member Jusur pointed out the important role played by mobile phones in delivering news. Jusur thus suggested developing an app, which he called the Islamic Caliphate News, to deliver official ISIS statements and reports to ISIS followers, and noted that it would ease the pressure on those who undertake to publish ISIS news via social media. He also suggested that the app come in three languages: Arabic, English, and French.

(Circled in red) icon of the “the media platform,” i.e. the Jihadi Media Platform forum, on a tablet

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