Jihadi Writer To ISIS: Establish Media Institutes To Improve Propaganda Machine And Computer Programs

June 9, 2016


On June 6, 2016, an article posted on Shumoukh Al-Islam, the leading online jihadi forum affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) suggested that the group establish media institutes offering classes in journalism, communication skills, production, design, and translation, as well as English, to improve the group’s propaganda machine. The article, titled “Improving the Media in the Islamic State,” by a pro-ISIS jihadi writer named Waqqas, stressed the importance of media in time of war, and acknowledged the role that ISIS content has played in recruiting fighters as well as in refuting allegations against the group.

The suggestions were part of a list provided by the writer to improve ISIS media; other suggestions included limiting the productions of media offices to two per month, continuing the “Salil Al-Sawarim” video series, creating an archive of all ISIS media productions, and creating a computer program for publishing ISIS news to replace the current method of releasing ISIS official statements.

Explaining the importance of media institutes for ISIS media personnel, the writer compared them to the religious schools established by ISIS to teach the religion to people. He wrote: “As there are religious institutes teaching people religion, there must be media institutes for media personnel, where they learn the profession of media, and receive training in photography, production, public speaking, presentation, and writing skills.”

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