Jihadi-Tech Group Launches Its Own Text-Sharing Website, Claims To ‘Match’ Leading Text- And Image-Sharing Website Justepaste.it

March 3, 2016

On March 1, 2016, the Al-Fajr Technical Committee (FTC), a group of tech-savvy jihadis, announced the launch of its own text-sharing website,  and boasted that it “matches” the text- and image-sharing website Justpaste.it.

Justpaste.it has been used extensively for some time by jihadis, mostly the Islamic State (ISIS), to publish their content.

The brief announcement, posted on the Shumoukh Al-Islam forum using the FTC account, read: “From your brothers in the [Al-Fajr] Technical Committee: Thanks to Allah, we have finished our new project, which matches Justpaste.it in security, ease of use, and the lack of [use of] data mining, [as well as] other features that you will see when using it. We await your comments and opinions.”  Despite these claims, however, the FTC’s PasteMaker is by no means similar to justpaste.it, and offers many fewer features.


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