Jihadi Advises ISIS Supporters On Keeping Their Twitter Accounts From Being Shut Down

March 11, 2015

As Twitter continues to shut down Islamic State (ISIS) Twitter accounts, a pro-ISIS account today tweeted advice on how to keep such accounts active.

“Learn how Anonymous hunts down [ISIS accounts], and how to warn your [ISIS] supporting brothers about this,” it tweeted on March 10, 2015.

Pro-ISIS tweeters are advised to first identify Twitter accounts that are reporting them to Twitter (a list of some of these accounts and of the hashtags associated with them is provided), next to find the handles of the pro-ISIS accounts that they mention, and finally to warn these pro-ISIS accounts that they are being targeted and that they should immediately change their account names.

Some accounts participating in the anti-ISIS Twitter campaign

Online ISIS supporters are then advised to follow these anti-ISIS campaign accounts quietly: “Avoid talking to them, and [make sure your] account is protected by [activating the] privacy [function].” They are also advised to use a photo of “a foreigner” for their profile image, to avoid raising suspicions.

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