ISIS Supporters Tighten Security Measures To Join ISIS Channels On Telegram

January 6, 2016

Supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS) are turning more creative in order to stop their channels on the secure communication app Telegram from being reported and shut down.

One pro-ISIS blog is now only allowing people to join the English Nashir channel, a top disseminator of ISIS content in English on Telegram, by submitting their request online.

Banner promoting the English Nashir channel (link redacted by MEMRI) 

To join the channel, one must have the latest version of Telegram installed and must submit their Telegram username via a form found on the blog.

Requests, it says, are generally processed within 24 hours. If the channel is not added on to one’s Telegram account within 48 hours, or if a user receives a message that the channel is no longer available (generally implying that it was removed), the blog says that a person must re-submit their request.

Request form to join the English Nashir channel

Previously, ISIS channels on Telegram could be easily found and joined. However, following the November 13 Paris attacks and the backlash against Telegram for harboring jihadi content and allegedly allowing jihadis to communicate safely, many of those channels were taken down.

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