ISIS Radio Broadcasts Translated Into Urdu For Pakistani Audiences; Urdu Website Provides Tutorial On Using TOR Software To Hide IP Addresses

July 22, 2015

Broadcasts by the Islamic State’s Al-Bayan Radio are being translated into Urdu and published for audiences in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. Over the past few months, the ISIS-affiliated Urdu website has been publishing jihad-related news stories from different parts of the world in Urdu. Most of the stories concern developments associated with the Islamic State. On July 11, for example, the website asked its audience not to believe Pakistani and Afghan media sources that published reports claiming that ISIS militant Hafiz Saeed (not to be confused with Hafiz Muhammad Saeed of the Pakistani jihadist group Jamaatud Dawa) had been killed in a U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan.

Photo of Hafiz Saeed with text reading: “Stop, do not trust the reports by Dajjali media.”

Also, on July 10, it published a detailed tutorial on how to install TOR software so that the IP address of its readers cannot be detected by intelligence agencies. Below are two images from the tutorial teaching Urdu readers how to install TOR software:



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