ISIS Members Advertise Marital Status On Twitter

June 4, 2015

The following report is a complimentary offering from MEMRI’s Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). For JTTM subscription information, click here.

Both Western fighters and those interested in migrating to the Islamic State have turned to social media for both making travel arrangements and to finding spouses. A Twitter account called Jihad Matchmaker offers its services to prospectice immigrants. Matchmaking efforts are also conducted on Facebook. At this time, it appears that fighters are beginning to advertise their marital status on their Twitter bylines. Women also indicate whether they are married or widowed.

The following are examples from ISIS fighters’ social media accounts:

Noting Marital Status

British ISIS fighter Abu Awlaki, aka Omar Hussain, writes on his Twitter byline: “Living under the shade of the Khilafah (ex-Jabhat) Married to a princess. Three slots still available.” Hussain previously wrote an advice piece on marrying fighters off of Twitter.

British fighter Abu Dujana writes: “Looking for a second wife. In Khilafa. I’m serious. Sisters can DM my wife @UmmDujana91.”

A Western ISIS fighter calling himself The Last Tweet writes: “Citizen & soldier of Islamic State. Looking for Third Wife. Hesitation kills, plan it! Execute it!”

Finnish ISIS fighter Abu Ibrahim Finlandi writes on his Twitter byline: “A person in sham/levant. Revert, originally from Finn. Single 21. Muwwahid who has been given life by the grace of Allah.”

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