ISIS Media Operations: Khilafah Archives – Website Distributing Material In French

July 30, 2015

The website was created in July 2015 and acts as a platform for the daily distribution of Islamic State (ISIS) material in French. As a reaction to the increasing censorship of ISIS media efforts on mainstream social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, media operatives and ISIS supporters are relying on alternate ways to distribute the daily flow of data streaming out of ISIS held territories in Syria and Iraq.[1] While the website does not claim official ISIS ties, it appears to be operated by activists with close ties to the ISIS official media apparatus.


The website was publicized on social media using this banner: “Discover a hundred videos with French subtitles, communiqués, audio and much more”

Since it is protected by the U.S.-based reverse proxy service CloudFlare, the website enjoys the benefits of U.S. laws on freedom of expression, circumventing the stricter laws that apply to the distribution of ISIS material in France. The website is built on the open source WordPress blog platform.


The website’s homepage, including a featured section on the left and several lists of items in different sections

On July 28, 2015, the website became inaccessible in France following an administrative decision by the Interior Ministry in accordance with France’s new anti-terror laws to fight jihadi presence online. However, the website is blocked by redirecting attempted access to the Domain Name, which is only locally effective. Consequently, the website is still accessible anywhere else in the world, as well as through the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which enables web browsing while masking one’s location. The use of VPN is more and more widespread and only necessitates basic computer knowledge to operate, thus rendering this method of blocking largely ineffective.

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