ISIS Media Bodies, Supporters Promote New San ‎Francisco-Based Social Media Platform ‘Baaz,’ Begin ‎Opening Accounts On It

June 14, 2017

In the last several days, Islamic State (ISIS) media bodies and supporters have begun promoting their accounts on the San Francisco-based social media platform Baaz. The platform acts as a central sharing hub and as an aggregator for social media accounts, allowing users to “post once and broadcast everywhere.” According to its website, Baaz can be integrated with “more than 200 social [media] accounts.” The platform is geared specifically towards audiences in the Middle East and North Africa, and currently is available in English and Arabic.

Links to ISIS Baaz accounts are mainly being disseminated on Telegram, with the first Baaz links appearing there on June 11, 2017.

It is too early to determine the extent and impact of ISIS supporters’ use of Baaz, but it is clear that they are testing it as another possible online platform for disseminating ISIS and ISIS-related content.

Below are examples of ISIS Baaz links being promoted on Telegram, and of actual ISIS Baaz accounts that were accessible as of this writing:

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