ISIS Media Activists Called Upon To Resume Activity On Twitter, Facebook

August 3, 2017

In a series of messages, a user on a pro-ISIS Telegram channel called on ISIS media activists not to confine their activity to Telegram but to renew it on Twitter and Facebook as well. This, because Telegram posts have limited circulation, and because the activists’ absence from the more popular networks leaves the stage to ISIS’s enemies, causing ISIS to lose the information war. The author of the posts offered readers to contact him through a bot to receive a ready-to-use Twitter account.

It should be noted that ISIS media activists and supporters left Facebook and Twitter for Telegram due to increasing censorship measures on those networks, and also due to security concerns, but this move comes at a cost due to the more limited visibility of Telegram. These posts reflect the feeling among activists that with ISIS facing defeats on the battlefield, there is a need to step up propaganda efforts by resuming activity on the more popular and accessible platforms.

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