ISIS Activist Promotes His ‘Online Da’wah Attack Operations’ Telegram Channel On Facebook

March 1, 2016

On February 24, 2016, a Facebook user called Abu Abdallah Al-Gharbawi promoted his new Telegram channel, “Online Da’wah [preaching] Attack Operations,” providing a link to it on his Facebook page and explaining its purpose: “Gather amongst us to help in targeting attacks on popular pages/groups with [i.e. by posting on them pro-ISIS comments].” On the Telegram channel he also posted a link that routes the reader to a private chat. This enables participants to chat with one another, instantly trading messages back and forth.

“Online Da’wah Attack Operations” Telegram Channel

The Telegram channel states: “Welcome to Online Da’wah Attack Operations Group. We will target groups or pages on social media 2-3 times a week insha’Allah. Please add your brothers and sisters for help in executing these operations with us. Jazakum Allah Khair [may Allah reward you with goodness].”

Screenshot from the Telegram channel

Using Telegram Channel To Coordinate Attacks On Facebook Pages

The Telegram channel provides other links to private chats. For example, a community chat called “Communication group for Da’wah Operations” is used by members to coordinate cyber-attacks. At the time of this writing, this chat group had 135 members.

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