In Wake Of Nice Attack, Telegram Channel Devoted To AQAP’s Inspire Magazine Reposts Images Calling For Vehicular Attacks

July 15, 2016


Following the Truck attack in Nice, France on July 14, 2016, the Telegram channel Inspire Muslims, which is dedicated to Al-Qaeda in the Arabia Peninsula’s English-language magazine Inspire, reposted images from the magazine’s second issue, which call for vehicular attack. The post reads “These kinds of Mow Attacks by big pickups were suggested by Inspire Magazine Years Ago!”

The images include one of a pickup truck with the caption “The Ultimate Mowing Machine” as well as quotes from the magazine’s “Open Source Jihad” section, which recommends methods for lone wolf attacks.

For more, see MEMRI JTTM report, AQAP ‘Inspire’ Magazine’s ‘Open Source Jihad’ Section: ‘Use a Pickup Truck… [to] Mow Down the Enemies of Allah’; ‘A Random [Lunch Hour Shooting] at a Crowded [Washington DC] Restaurant… Might End Up Knocking Out a Few Government Employees… Targeting Such Employees Is Paramount’, October 12, 2010.