Houston-Based Self-Declared ISIS Follower Travels The U.S. – Las Vegas, St. Louis, New Mexico – Promoting Islamic State (ISIS), Disseminating His Views Via Twitter, YouTube

October 22, 2014

A Houston, Texas resident who is a self-declared supporter of the Islamic State (ISIS) has posted numerous images on his Twitter account (AbdulRahman Baghdadi, @BakerBahgdadi), which he opened on October 5, 2014, from Las Vegas, St. Louis, and other locations in the U.S. In these tweets, he promotes ISIS – including by tweeting photos of ISIS stickers he claims to have pasted on vehicles and so on. He also has a YouTube channel, opened September 14, 2014, and a Google+ account.

@BakerBahgdadi Twitter homepage

“Abdul Rahman Baghdadi” In Vegas, Other Points In Nevada

On October 6, he tweeted a photo of an ISIS sticker on a vehicle in Las Vegas.

On the Las Vegas Strip, October 6: “Islamic State.”

On October 13, he wrote on a tweet of a photo on the Las Vegas strip: “Take the statue [i.e. the Statue of Liberty] down and add the Islamic state Baghdadi blg [i.e. building] lol and add Dubai to vegas with the Shahada flag above.”

Also On October 13, he tweeted: “Once the strippers convert to Islam. Stripclubs SHUT DOWN and woman are Liberated and Casinos will be Islamic cen bld”


On October 13, he posted a photo from the Las Vegas “Burgr” eatery:

Also on October 13, he tweeted a photo of the Las Vegas strip with the caption, “Baghdadi was here :p Islamic State Khalifah will win the elections in vegas baby. The majority shall rule the globe!”

An October 13 tweet titled “TERRORIST ATTACK ALERT LAS VEGAS” included a video:

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