German-Language ISIS Twitter Account Tweets Helpful Hints For Taking Hostages, Killing Enemies In The West

August 28, 2015

On August 24,2015 a German speaking account called Al-Gharib0000015 (now suspended) posted a series of tweets doling out tips on how to take hostages and kill them in the West. The author ended each tweet with the hashtag WeAllGiveBaya[pledge alleigance] to the Khalifa.

“Always watch your back, do not let there be one of the kuffar[infidels] behind you. Your weapons should be bound to your not just carry [them] in your hand, so that no one sees them. Always bind a knife or a gun around your belly, upper arm or lower leg. [in order to have something] as a subsitute. Mujahid: If you want to commit an attack against the kuffar in their countries, then pay attention to the following:Devote yourself to Dhikr and Quran… do not let yourself get distracted or being talked to [do not permit others to talk to you]  Shoot the women and the men immediately and do not have compassion for them. Proceed methodically… f.e. from the front to the the back and  from right to left .. do not miss out on anyone..If someone tries to escape, shoot him in his back or in his foot. If you take hostages, let them take off their clothes and keep their underwear. If you can have handgrenades or even a stun grenades, use them, they are very effective . Do not display any weakness and operate with brutality because you are not at a party but in the Jihad . Do not look for difficult targets.. easy targets are better and they can cause more damage. Think: There are targets that the enemy can not protect… he does not even recognize them .”