Fundraising Campaign To Support Families Of ‘Martyrs’ ‎And Procure Weapons In Gaza Continues On Telegram ‎

March 31, 2017

The Hamlat Nafeer Al-Aqsa (“Mobilization For Al-Aqsa Campaign”) is an ongoing campaign to fund the mujahideen and families of martyrs in Gaza launched in 2014. The campaign, organized by Salafi-jihadi elements in Gaza, had previously operated primarily on Twitter, raising funds to finance jihadi military and other operations, and to provide assistance to the families of martyrs.

However, the campaign has subsequently shifted to more private channels and appears to have tightened its operational security measures as well. For example, while the campaign initially used Twitter, Gmail, Skype, and similar platforms to conduct its operation, it currently runs almost exclusively on Telegram.

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