Following Twitter Suspension, Prominent Syria-Based Saudi Cleric Posts Updates From Syria On Instagram; Promotes His Telegram Account

October 1, 2015

On September 28, a pro-ISIS Twitter account called End of time dreams noted that senior Jabhat Al-Nusra cleric Shaykh Abdullah Al-Muhaysini had been suspended from Twitter, following a campaign by online ISIS supporters reporting his account. According to the tweet, the Saudi-born Syria-based sheikh has now moved to Instagram to share his messages; his first Instagram post was dated September 26, 2015. At one point, Muhaysini’s Twitter account had over 300,000 followers.

So far on Instagram, Muhaysini has shared a handful of photos and short videos. At the time of this writing, his Instagram account boasts 1,572 followers.

Screenshot of ISIS account boasting of Muhaysini’s removal from Twitter


His latest post, dated September 29, promotes his new Telegram account. Telegram is an encrypted app that is favored by many jihadis and their supporters.


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