Following Twitter Suspension, AQIS Spokesman Opens New Account; Tweets Reveal Deep Frustration Among Jihadis In Waziristan

May 5, 2015


After his Twitter account was suspended recently, Al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) spokesman Usama Mahmood opened a new account. His tweets show growing frustration among the group of jihadis who are ideologically opposed to Pakistan and advocate establishment of Islamic Sharia rule there.

The old account, @Usamamahmood35, was replaced by @Usamamahmood36. Usama Mahmood began tweeting on the new account on April 7, and as of April 30, he is followed by 400 accounts and follows 156 individuals.

Usama Mahmood’s tweets are mostly in Urdu. After opening the new account, he reposted a series tweets from February accusing the Pakistani military of killing innocents while taking money from the U.S. One such tweet posted on April 7 contained an image of dozens of militants killed by Pakistan army, that read: “They aren’t getting any aid from Kerry-Lugar Bill [i.e. referring to U.S. legislation under which Pakistan Army gets U.S. military aid]…” It went on to argue that these fighters achieve martyrdom for the sake of their faith.

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