Following Removal Of Facebook Page Documenting Foreigners Fighting In Syria, Activists Open New Page, Post Materials Also On Flicker And YouTube

May 9, 2013

On May 3, 2013, a member on the jihadi forum Al-Fida whose user name is “Ghuraba Al-Sham” (“Foreigners in Syria”) reported that the Facebook page called “The Foreigners in the Syrian Revolution,” which documented foreign nationals fighting in Syria (especially ones who have been “martyred”), has been removed by the Facebook administration for violating the social network’s terms of use. [i] The message added that a new Facebook page ( has been opened for the same purpose, and that the pictures and videos of the foreigners killed in Syria that had been posted on the previous page can now be viewed on a special Flickr page (http:[email protected]/) and YouTube channel, (

As of this writing, the Flickr page (which was opened some two months ago, before the closing of the Facebook page) contains some 200 photos of martyrs. The new Facebook page – whose URL differs from that of the old one by a single digit – continues the activity of the old page, namely documenting foreigners who have been killed in Syria and publishing their photos.

The new Facebook page

Images posted on Flickr



[1] For more information on this Facebook page, see MEMRI JTTM report: “Facebook Page Documents Foreigners Who Come To Syria From Western Countries To Fight The Regime,” April 23, 2013.