English-Speaking Jabhat Al-Nusra-Affiliated Fighter Tweets Weapons For Sale In Syria; Uses Encryption For Communication

March 4, 2016

An English-speaking fighter with the Twitter handle Al-Lathiqani, who is supposedly based somewhere near Latakia governorate in Syria, periodically tweets images of weapons and advertises them for sale. He has listed guns, artillery pieces, night vision gear, a vintage vehicle, and even an elderly horse. He seems to be quite serious about selling the items, though regarding some he does appear to be kidding. The fighter does not provide specifics as to how the items can be purchased, but his Twitter page shows an address on the encrypted Tutanota email service. The following are some of the items he has offered for sale.

“Shami FS [For Sale] $13,000. Syria Guidr thermal sights.”


“Shami FS: $21,000 Launcher, night vision for the system.”


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