Editor Of ‘Azan’ Magazine Joins Islamic State, Says: ‘ISIS Does Not Declare The Takfir Of The General Masses Of The Muslims’; Promises New Publications To Support The Caliphate

April 7, 2016


According to a posting on social media, the editor of jihadi magazine “Azan” has joined the Islamic State (ISIS). The magazine, published in English in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, was thought to be connected to the Taliban forces.

While the editor of the magazine was never identified, a post on Justpaste.it names him as Muhammad Qasim, which may be an assumed name. The magazine has not been published since the release of its sixth issue in August 2014.

Following is the statement posted by Muhammad Qasim on Justpaste.it:

“After 6 Publications [Of Azan], Due To Difficult Conditions In Our Area Of Jihad, Our Team Dispersed And The Publications Could Not Continue”

“Declaration Of the Pledge of Allegiance

“Muhammad Qasim (Editor of Azan Magazine)

“I hereby pledge my allegiance to the Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Al-Hussayni Al-Qurayshi, the rightful Khalifa [caliph] of the Muslims, upon hearing and obedience in times of ease and hardship and Allah is Witness to my pledge.

“Following the declaration of the Khilafah two years ago [by ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi], the debate regarding its validity gained speed among the circles of the mujahideen. It is of the Sunnah [traditions] of Allah that in every day and age, the followers of truth are hurled with propaganda from the Kuffar [infidels] and the munafiqeen [hypocrites], and those who follow their lusts, and their number is manifold in our present day and age. So, it is not a surprise how the declaration of Khilafah was taken on by the majority groups of this Ummah.

“As for our team that resolved to work for the establishment of the Rule of Allah, by the pen and the sword, with our modest means, we tried to uphold the principles of the Prophetic Dawa [invitation to Islam] and the Millah [community] of Ibrahim through our publications, and Alhamdulillah [Praise be to Allah], Allah granted it acceptance among the Muslim masses, especially those aspiring to fulfill their obligation of jihad and aid the religion of Allah…

“After 6 publications, due to difficult conditions in our area of jihad, our team dispersed and the publications could not continue. Moreover, debate over the validity of the Khilafah was ongoing and the reality of it could not be conceived properly at the time. But Alhamdulillah, after detailed overviews of the evidences presented from both sides (i.e. the standpoint of Tanzeem Al-Qaeda and its branches, and the Islamic State) under the guidance of Ulama of Haqq [Righteous Scholars], it became clear to us that the truth lies with the Islamic State; and Alhamdulillah, their declaration of the Khilafah is valid. Maybe, if Allah Wills, we will publish a detailed Shari’ statement in this regard.

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