Caliphate Electronic Army Recruiting New Members

May 4, 2016


On April 29, 2016, pro-ISIS American jihadi Telegram user Amriki Muhajer shared a post about recruitment efforts for the hacking group Caliphate Electronic Army. The post read: “Important announcement! The recruitment office is looking for new recruits who are interested to join CEA brigades to work and support their Muslim brothers. To register, please write to brother War Minister” and included a link to the following Telegram channel (URL redacted by MEMRI):


Amriki Muhajer’s personal Telegram account:


Amriki Muhajer’s channel, described as the “Official Channel of Al-Muajreen [immigrants] to the land of Caliphate from the West” and focuses on Islamic State news:


It should be mentioned that on April 18, 2016, Amriki Muhajer posted a message on Telegram about the suspension of internet service in Aleppo province, Syria. This post seems to suggest that Amriki Muhajer is actually an official member of the security office of the Caliphate Electronic Army. The post reads:

“To our people in Wilayat Halab [Aleppo province]:

“The decision to stop internet service in the Wilayah is for your own protection. Enemy airplanes detect and record data seized in WIFI service and use it to bomb and share intelligence by filtering data exchanged.

“Be patient, and await the next announcement.

“Caliphate Electronic Army,

“Security Office.”